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WIL’s role today, as it was in 1993, is to elect moderate, pro-choice women.  In 1993, we naively believed that by 2016, it would be easily and more politically acceptable for a politician to be pro-choice.  But we were wrong.  The right of a woman to choose whether to bear a child has become even more fragile in the past 20 years.  Twenty years ago, Roe v Wade was the settled law of the land and the anti-choice minority, although noisy, had won no major victories.  Today, the protections set forth in Roe v Wade are close to annihilation and the anti-choice minority is swaggering with confidence in the belief that it will in fact outlaw or severely restrict a woman’s rights to control her own reproductive life.  WIL is needed more than ever.  WIL continues this fight. Please join us or renew your membership today. 


Member $125: As a member of WIL, you will receive all WIL correspondence and be able to attend WIL events at the preferred member rate.

Junior Member $50: If you are 35 or under, you can join as a Junior Member.  You have the same privileges as regular Members.

Sustaining Member $350: Sustaining Members may attend all WIL lunches and other events at a premium discounted rate.

Leadership Member $1000: Leadership Members plus one guest may attend all WIL lunches and other WIL events at at a premium discounted rate. Leadership dues also help to underwrite WIL events and allows WIL to give more to our endorsed candidates.

In addition to annual dues, all WIL members are obligated to contribute not less than a total aggregate amount of $250 ($150 for Junior Members) during each 2 year election cycle to WIL’s endorsed candidates.

WIL is run entirely by volunteers and its overhead costs are very low.  Almost all of your dues are used to support our endorsed candidates in their election campaigns. Join us today.

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